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Full Version: New shop
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Please look at my sister and mine new shop

Twin's Hair and Nails
Bogue Chitto,Ms
Cool diggs! Best of luck to you and your new shop!


Very relaxing colors and looks like a good utilization of space. Wish you all the best!! :wink:
It looks great! I love the antiqued finish on your decor, Where did you find the mirrors with light fixtures and privacy divider?
Thank you. The mirrors from wal-mart,lights from loweys and the divider my sister ordered on line
It is very nice!

Did you have the nail table custom made? I like how you have the whole table top clear and the Valentino and UV lights under the top.

I have too much on my table with the lamps and my Partigone.
Congratulations! Can you please tell me How you created your manicure table? I've been looking for a high table to help with my back? Thanks!
It looks great! I really like the polish holder behind the pedi chair. That is really neat!
Thank you. Yes I had my table made for me. And I love the lights under the top it's like I have 2 tables. I have a hole in the bottom top so I can run the cords down in the cabinet and out the bottom. I have a surge protect in the cabinet so just one cord comes out the bottom of the table to plug in the wall