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Full Version: Gel Nails Fact Sheets
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So I have Several new clients that have told me they had gel nails put on. However I know they are acrylics with a gel top coat. I would really like to put together a fact sheet about what gels really are. I remember reading a post about this about 6 months ago but I cant find it.

I really want to educate my clients but I dont want them to be angry with me, cause im not the one who wronged them. I feel like when they can read a fact sheet it makes easier for them to put 2 and 2 together without telling the client they are wrong.

If any one has any ideas about what I should add to the sheet or has a gel fact sheet that they are willing to share I would love it.

ask erick wescott with gelousy and doug schoon both on facebook.. one of them could most definately hook you up
Here is a link to a sheet I wrote a long time ago.

I probably should update it.

That is a great PDF! Do you have one that is more general on how to choose a Nail Tech/Nail Salon? I find that clients still do not understand the difference between a reputable Salon and a discount salon. It would be great to have posted so they understand what to look for...

Thank you!

Thanks so much for the PDF I'm sure it will work for me.
(love your avatar Smile )

You can fidnd many consumer based articles right here and at our sister site for consumers - http://www.beautytech.INFO

Start here:
then move on to here:

If you cant find what you're looking for let me know!
That is a lot of great information! Thanks Debbie!