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Full Version: I know it has been a long time since I have posted pics so..
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anointdhndz :
> Hey.... awesome work girl!!
> Ive just been getting back into the business after a 2 year break...can u tell
> me like Im a 4 year old....( LOL ) what---- paint/ gel/ glitter stuff you
> are using?? The color quality is amazing...and
> i cannot believe you are just using your camera phone..
> Incredible girl...great job!! Smile Smile Thanks for sharing...

Sparkles Nail Products & EzFlow Clear Acrylic, & I use just reg. color acrylic pant to paint with.
[Image: 0512000834a.jpg]
woohooo i finally get to hit the like button on
angela i love your work and i keep your first book on the shelf next to my nail table as my fun clients love your work too.. i dont always get to replicate exactly but its fun trying.. i am building up my sparkles collection i just love that stuff!! you rock
Thanks Angela.
Im sure its your talent, not your paint but im going to get the concentrated color. Give it a shot.
AngelaGlitterFreak :
> wkdwich :
>> as always Angela, your wrk is amazing the the quality of yourpics too.. I'd
>> love to know what kind of camera you have and the settings you use.. I;m really
>> learning the innards of my point & shoot and getting far better shots lately
> I just use the camra on my phone... lol... its an LG touch with a 3.2 auto
> focus... =]

wowowowwwww.. I;m impressed.. I did buy the latest version of my same Sony and REALLY played and read and played some more.. My dad (he's 88) volunteers at 2 museums here on Long Island - airlplane museums, a perfect fit since he flew P-47's in WWII. Dad sent me a link to a photographers site who took MANY shots on Memorial day when they had a big to-do there.. Some of the pics were so marvelous, I asked permission to add them to Dad's web site ( when I write I said when I grow up I wanna be just like him Smile He sent me to a photography site that had SO much info I was on over load.. but the shots I am getting with the new camera are outstanding.. did you see on my facebook page oh and here too, the link I posted to the pic of the prep for the LI network day?? seriously sweet shots Smile
Angela, I got a flip video for Christmas. I don't think theryr'e to expensive. Have you thought about getting an art pen? It is soooo much fun and it makes really fine lines that can really add to your artwork. email me if you want one. Check out my utube channel "The art of the pen" I have lots of videos.
Beautiful Work! As always!
Love them all. You are very talented
I love all of them. Great work and creativity!!!
IF i could do that in an be rich!!! lol beautiful as alwaysSmile
Fantastic work! thanks for sharing, you are an inspiration Smile.
I haven't been here in a long time, so it was nice to open and see your beautiful work first thing!!!
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