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Full Version: AOL & Using your own image for an Avatar
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Prepare your image -- size it to no larger than 80x80 pixels. You can use any image editor program.. even MS Paint that comes with every PC.. you will need to save the image as a JPG or GIF file:

Make sure the SAVE AS box in the image editor is set to JPG or Compuserve GIF to match the file name
Make sure you know WHERE you saved this image on the computer.. My Documents is the perfect place Smile

go to keyword: My FTP

click See My FTP Space
type in the file name (image_name.jpg)
the BINARY choice should be selected, if not click that
click Continue
Click select file
Browse your computer to find and select your image
Click Send
Click Cancel
You should now see the image listed in the box..
You can close that now (X out of it)

Now go to the Forums page:
Log in and click My Profile
Scroll down to where the Avatar section is and fill in the box for a remote Avatar:

Whamo should be good as gold now
is there another way to upload a pic for our profile image. I do not have an account thru AOL (nor do I want one).