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Full Version: Help vote!
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Trying to win a little area contest in the last year. My area has a "BEST OF" Contest and it closes in *TWO* days. Help me go from non-existent to best mani-pedi in the Seattle area! Click here to VOTE - you don't have to live in the area, just have to click!

The chain salons ALWAYS seem to win this, so I need YOU if a little nail tech in a studio has a chance Wink

PS - My client told me about it, she needs votes too!! She won a few years ago and it really helped her business!

Thanks friends!! See some of you next weekend at the NW Nailtech Retreat!
Done! Good luck!!! Big Grin
I'd vote for ya if I hadn't already voted for my salon. Good Luck! I posted a similar request awhile back and got some "interesting" conversation afterwards. I'd rather have you beat me that someone else. Smile
Terri text me on facebook and tell me Wink


I'll tell you right here. I don't mind everyone knowing what I think.
Your clients should be voting you "the best" service. If outsiders vote for you then your not the "best" your the most popular at getting people to vote for you. So if someone is looking to be the best it should be because they are. I'm not the only one who thinks this and I'm no longer sugar coating, so if it sounds rude or offensive then that's on the reader.
That's totally fine. But we all know these kinds of things are not like that. Sure it should be- but I see business campaign for this kind of stuff all the time. So in the end it's about how much time you spend promoting yourself to the vote. Granted silly that I would even try, I spent some time glancing at another few small studios that were obviously "on it" promoting the vote to people a month ago and they have many hundreds.

I think reviews on yelp and booking sites (like GenBook) are much better at bringing in new clients really looking for good techs anyway.


I get that, and it is unfair. Which is why I support my own not voting because I in fact do not know who has the best service. It would be unfair of me to vote. My opinion is mine alone. I do not go out looking to stop votes. The only vote that doesn't go out is my own. Like I also said to Gr8nailz I do hope you win and get some more business and recognition. Its not the other way around.
Well I have a full book so its not so much about getting business as it is to be able to recommend other nail techs that work alone, by themselves, value advanced education and don't get the marketing dollars chain salons have.


Ok, well I hope it works out for everyone then.