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Full Version: Shellac - I wonder?
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Hey all.

Since Shellac is a combination of gel and polish, I wonder if you could mix regular nail polish in with clear gel???

Your thoughts?
While some have done this, they say successfully, it really is not good idea to play chemist! What if you get the ratio wrong and it does not cure properly? What if you get the ratio wrong and the client develops an allergic reaction? I just don't think its a good idea. Many have been layering colors to get different colors and effects.
You can use Young Nail's mani-Q and mix with polish - they've tested it and said it works fine - I've done this (about 50/50 mix) with good results. Same curing time as other SOG's, plus you can use the mani-Q as the base and top coats.
Be very careful...... misusing product, playing chemist, mixing brands...... you put your client at risk of allergic reaction, and put your self at risk legally. NO company will stand behind you in court if you misuse their product.
I understand what you are saying, however, Young Nails actually teaches this at their classes.