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Full Version: reorganizing the forum - POLL
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My vote would be to leave it as it is.
I voted to leave it, although I do like the idea of there being a page just to post pics so they don't get deleted with old threads. People might be inclined to post more pictures on here rather than just on Facebook if the pictures would stay up in a gallery or something (it takes 2 seconds to upload to Photobucket people!) Smile it would be cool to kind of have a sort of nail art photo database on here to use for critiques, inspiration etc
I voted to leave it the way it is. This is where we find out about new products, techniques, education opportunities. I fear splitting it into different categories might cause us to miss out on this information.
I voted leave it the way it is. I guess taking the views off would be ok. It really does not bother me but I see where it could hurt someone's feelings.
I like it the way it is! It's got its quirks but I don't mind it. I don't know if a photo gallery would be a great idea, though. As much as I like the thought I'd be concerned there would be people stealing the pictures. I've seen it happen too many times in other photo galleries. PLUS it takes up hosting space. It would be easy enough to make one sticky thread specifically for posting photos and then would be the responsibility of the poster to watermark and explain technique if they chose.

I don't see why everyone has such a problem with the spelling. There is a giant "Spell Check" button at the bottom of the box where you type text after pushing the "Post Reply" button. It takes a few second to push that and then the submit button. I know there is a way with phpBB boards to prompt spelling corrections when the "Submit" button is pushed but I also know it can be a pain to get working properly.
Yep! Leave it as is. Love it!
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