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Full Version: NEW Artistic Colour Gloss Colors Available in kit!
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Just wanted all of u to know you r awesome. I have been doing research online to decide what products to start doing nails with and I'm pretty much stuck on harmony and Suzanne has kindly replied to my posts and just thanks suzanne. I'm just glad the spin cycle of info is calming down lol
Suzanne rocks! You've made a wise choice and wont be disappointed!
love u girls..... Ur the best! I have to say tho..... Elle, my girlie on this post is a plethora of knowledge, and soooo super sweet, I am not Gunna lie.... She's my fav.......

Reach out to her.........

Otherwise, thx so much gals, u r all amazing..... I love to help when I can...Colleen was a original GELISH user, I have a special bond with her!! Smile

We (me and Elle) are here to help anytime...... Well except Elle will be in NY next week Pre-fashion week! BOO, I was busy, could not go, LOL..... Kidding have fun in NY Elle! Rock it girl!
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