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Full Version: nail files and lotions
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i would like to ask what nail files you use that are at reasonable price.i want to order 100/180 grit and a packet of 50 or 100 if possible.what would you suggest? also i'm thinking to give my clients a small gift for christmas a lotion and a small bottle of oil but i haven't decided yet from where to buy the lotions.any suggestions? thank you all! Smile


You can find some really great deals at premier nail source and nailite websites. I think they both run specials and Monday is a bargain day at premier. You should be a able to find a good selection of mini oils lotions files and other gift size goodies as well as all the file grits in bulk packaging.
thank you sobeit for your help Smile i will check it out! do these sites ship internationally?
have you ever tried Berkeley nail files?


I've liked Soft Touch files. They are reasonably priced, disinfectable and the black doesn't scrape off.
thank you i will give them a look!