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Full Version: Wierd sales pitch
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Last week an older man stopped into the salon wanting to talk to me. I was very busy and could almost tell he wanted to sell me something. It was on a fri afternoon and I know fridays people are a bit more casual, he was dressed in jeans and a nice sweater.
He said this was confidential and he was not trying to sell me anything, just wanted my opinion on if it would go over here. He was "from a bank" representing a company from china trying to get additional funding for their "revolutionary product" . It was a machine that printed digital images on your nail. If Im not mistaken, this already exsists although he insisted it doesnt.
Get this, leasing it for only $400 a month Confusedhock: I about laughed him out of the salon. I couldnt imagine how much Id have to charge per nail to break even with this. Nail art simply isnt big here, especially things like that. During college football season, a few people like "Husker" nails but even then your running into a copyright issue using the "N" logo. Although the idea was pretty cool, I just dont see any salon other than one of assmbly line salons using them. Needless to say I sent him on his way.
Anyway, I thought this was wierd and all 10 yrs of my nail tech life never had this happen.
We had a guy come in yesterday doing to the same junk! it was for a different "product" but he was trying to get one of my associates to sell crap for him!
if you call your local police dept you can report him, most cities have enforced rules for soliciting and with him saying he is representing a bank..omg.. what a anyway they can run him out of town


Although it sounds ridicously expensive, I think I saw on a commercial clip for "The Painted Nail" where they had some big machine that did what you are talking about. So, it could be legite. But, I'd say go with your gut feeling.


Sales is a tough business as we all know, so you might put a No Soliciting sign up so people wont come in and try to sell you items your not interested in. Its a lot like us nail techs going into other businesses and trying to get them to come in for services. There are ways to go about it so they want to hear you. Its not against the law to pitch a product to a business so calling to police wont do you any good. You just need the sign so they know your not open to anything. If you think he was trying to pull some scam then you did the right thing sending him on his way.
yes there are art machines, i had one, but you dont want solicitors in your shop, they sometimes wig out your clients, they take you away from your clients, and you cant trust them all
Our salon has a "No Soliciting" sign right by the front door, and it really doesn't stop them from coming in. It has slowed down some but I've had them come in and say, "I saw the sign but I knew you'd want to see this"...... :roll:
I had to laugh when I read the last post.
I have a sign that says NO SOLICITORS. I swear they think that under that it says, EXCEPT YOU!
My one client told one to leave. She said, "I am paying for her time and YOU are taking away from it." I LOVED that! I used it once on a phone solicitor and he was dumbfounded. Had no idea what to say back.
It really does take away from the client. They tell me that they can see a change in my face if they ignore my sign. I just want to say," Can you read the effing sign?" lol
buenos dias,