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Full Version: How I did the flames on free edge pics
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I don't remember who wanted to know how I did the flames so here it is.

finished nails
[Image: 027-2.jpg]
[Image: 025-1.jpg]
[Image: 029-1.jpg]

here are the steps ( well most of them you'll get the gist)

[Image: 004-3.jpg]

[Image: 006-1.jpg]

[Image: 008-1.jpg]

[Image: 010.jpg]

[Image: 014-1.jpg]

[Image: 017.jpg]

do to nails at a time and cure then switch hands while curing one work on the other
[Image: 020.jpg]
OMG I didnt even look at my own nails, anyway all that junk is off and my nails are naked now waiting for time to do them, LOL.
wow...I didn't ask but I'm glad you put this on here...I was trying to do it last night and didn't have much luck! but I was using nail polish for the lines instead of gel because I figured I wouldn't want to leave it on for long (was doing pink & red for valentines)...that was a problem because it was too thin! I made a mess!

what blue is that???[/img]
looks like Akzentz
Great Tutorial. Thank you for sharing. I love the purple color you made.
Sorry I forgot to put the colors I used....

Snow White--- T.E.N.
Blue Art---Akzentz
Purple Rose---Light Elegance mixed with Neon Purple---T.E.N color drops
Thanks everyone!!!

Sueefd---I have never tried to do this with polish, I was wondering how it would turn out doing with polish. This is so easy to just file right off when they want it changed back. I put a couple coats of clear on first so it would be easy to change back.
Giving you a GREAT BIG HUG!!! It was me that asked! Thank you sooooo much for that, wow!!!
Aweeee thanks Lynnette!!! Hope you can get the gist of it all, it really is the easiest thing to do, just slap in on in no particular order, pull through the colors and cure. Fastest big wow you can give your clients. I did the blue and purple set, from start of prep (she had french) to finished took me only 1 hour 15 minutes. My prep took more time than anything.
I want to do something on a freind that loves Nascar and I am a huge fan of Danika Patrick so we are thinking doing the colors of her Go Daddy Car (floresant lime green) alternating a checkered flag with flames.

Yes I got the gist and you made it very easy to understand! Thaaaank YOU!
Cool stuff!Thanx for sharing!