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Full Version: Poor Lighting At My Table, What Do You Use?
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I have the light that came with my manicure table and I hate it. It's always in my clients face, it never stays where i put it, it gives off lousy lighting no matter what bulb i use. What does everyone use???? And what do you use for pedicures??? Thanks, Kelly*


I still have my Ott Lite that I've had for 13 years. Absolutely love it!! It stands on my table out of the way, doesn't create any heat, lights up the table, is the most natural man made light you can get, no glare, and it is very affordable. They also make a floor model that I use for my pedi area.

You can get online, craft store (Michael's) or at an office supply store (Office Depot). They have lots of different styles now to chose from.

I wish mine would quit working so I could get a new one because the one I have has soooo much product on it.......yuck!! But it keeps working.

P.S. when you get new bulbs make sure not to skimp and get other bulbs. The Ott bulbs are the best. The others have a yellowness to them.
I went from an OTT light to a Slimline Manicure lamp about 2 years ago. I love the OTT light for traveling but for every day in my salon, I found it throws too many shadows and only lights up half my work area.

The Slimline goes right across the work area, it's probably about 15 inches of solid lighting, and you can move it higher or lower (or out of the way when you're taking a picture).
I have a slim line light as well (Only because it was givin to me though... I made friends with my local beauty supply manager and she gave me the display model). I like it but it's almost not bright enough for me. That said, it's probably because the LED lights above my station went out and need to be replaced...
I have a Slimline light too, but I also use my regular manicure table light at the same time. The Slimline is great because as low as it is and flexible, I can move it around over my table to shine right where I'm working. I got mine at JoAnne's and used a 50% off coupon. : )
I use an OttLite too. I love the soft but bright light. Like idonls said, no heat either. I work directly in front of a storefront window, so I have plenty of natural light too...