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Full Version: Wedding nails ?
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Need some imput on doing calla lily design on the Bride and Maid of Honor. Doing toes too... I can do 3d or whatever. Big Grin Thanks for suggestions....
I've seen so many pics of 3-d calla lily online but I dont have the links Sad I do remember seeing a mold before. I found that Smile!!! (go to 13/88 )
also look at 15/88
Even if you don't have time to order them you can see how its done. If you sculpt like a hershey kiss shape like tho mold on a form and roll it up that should work. I can't say for sure I've never tried a cally lily. I need to buy a book of flowers!
I did these for the last weddings:

3D Gel: [Image: th_tnikieskuvo.jpg]

3D Gel: [Image: th_16-1.jpg]

[Image: th_259401_188405421211099_10000124927107...4100_o.jpg]