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Full Version: bella lucce or cuccio?
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Im trying to pick bella lucce or cuccio products for manicures and pedicures? I have tried some of the bella lucce but I haven't tried the cuccio. I would also like to retail some items. If you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
Cuccio scrubs are VERY messy!! I can't stand how the salt flies everywhere! LOL

I just received some Keyano Aromatics products and love them so far!
Not sure why but there are two different Cuccio scrubs. There is one that is a coarse salt and there is one that is finer and more like a scrub should be in my opinion. I made the mistake of getting the coarse one and yep dont care for it at all. BUT I love the finer one, especially the Milk and Honey. I get so many comments on it.


I use the cuccio milk and honey mask,cream,towel spray and it's really nice. I like them all, but am also not a fan of their scrub, I us a lavender scrub from rocky mountain skin company and my soak and callus remover are footlogix.
I worked at a spa that used Bella Luce and they were AWESOME products. I would leave the salon smelling like those wonderful products everyday. They're very moisturizing and they make the products when you order them. If I did more pedicures I would ABSOLUTELY use these products.
I looked into Bella Lucce last year, and they had, in my opinion, pretty steep first order/reoccurring order minimum requirements.
I use the cuccio line and like it. I use the scrub and love it their mask, and its amazing. love there products. and the smell. Ialso retail them and they are a good price. I use the scrub in the pump bottle not the large salt scrub.
If you are having trouble with the Cuccio Scrub, you are probably using too much. You only have to use a small amount. Try mixing a little in your hands and adding a little water before applying to the client, this works much better. You won't use too much product and you have better control.
I primarily use the Young Nails Lomasi scrubs, but have recently expanded to the Cuccio line as well. As stated earlier, you use a small amount of the Cuccio coarser scrub (it's salt vs. sugar that is finer in other lines) and it works great! I love both lines, use both in services, and retail both.