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Full Version: does acrylic lp get old
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I have a young nails kit which I had for two plus years and I just started back playing with it. I did an overlay on my nails and am able to pick it off of my nails with minimao damage to the natural nail. That was on Sunday. I'm definitely going to up my prep but was wondering if acrylic goes back
look on the pakaging for this image.

[Image: dcb7ccff1cba2687_ejemplo-PAO_Symbol.xlarge.gif]

the number is how many and the M is for month you got from the date you open it, if you don't see it then it's best to call the company.


I have heard on here that the general rule of thumb is that most products are good for a year. Past that it is questionable.
Thank you i will check the product
Another thing- do not store your powders on the shelf above your liquid. The vapors can contaminate your powders.