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Ok so how to say this without it being TMI ok i finally finished school it took me a long time being that and hope this isnt gonna get judged. but i have a disability i have bipolar disorder and anxeity ocd noise annoyances and bunch of other stuff (yippie) Anyway, i havent taken my states yet i live in PA because of my anxiety. but also because of my bipolar i go thru WAVES persay of umm like motivation and love for nails to love of nothing and motivatiion less then zero so it is very hard for me to finish anything example schooling blah blah so im trying my hardest to get inspiration and my love for nails because i Truley do love nails im 33 yrs old and haveing playin nails since i was like 7 and i continue to go back to nails always. The big problem is i WISH i could just be as GREAT as most of you are! i know it takes pracitce practice experience and all that but part of me just wishes id wake up one day and be Great at it! so when im not or dont i get in rutts and give up and get sadd. my disability causes alot of issues in my life with working relationships etc etc. im not making excuses iam medicated and i do want to be a great tech i do love it so. i just sometimes loose my passion for a few mnths and it comes back its so frustrating i have goals and wants dreams but sometimes i feel like ill never be GOOD ENOUGH so today i woke up and dedcided to try to get inspired and into it and practice and go for it! once again. so this is my rant...just wanted to see what you guys might think! thanks for reading and commenting if you do! <3
Don't be offended by this... I'm not a doctor but do you/have you ever tried to supplement your medication with a herbal or homeopathic remedy? I take kali phosphate to help fall asleep but it is mainly used for anxiety, nervous tension, confidence... There is a lot of stuff out there if you do a google search I'm sure you would find a lot of information. I hope that wasn't weird. :roll:
not offended at all!!!!!!! i havent tried herbal tho it intrests me and ive thought about it. ill do some research thanks for making me recall and check into it!
I think we all have days when our passion for nails ebbs. I do understand your problem, tho. As you say it takes time to be the best. Some of us, even after years, are not the best. BUT we are the best that we can be. To me, being the best is doing YOUR best. That is keeping clients happy and content with your services. You might not be doing competition nails, but you are doing beautiful wearable nails. There is a difference.It also sounds like you have what I call "state board nerves". We alldid that when we had to go take our tests. I think it is largely a fear of the unknown- like many things....I was scared to death the 1st time I had to take an insulin shot, the 1st few times I had to fill the resivor and replace my port on my insulin pump. Practice does make perfect, either for state board or for your career after state board. I hope this gives you some encouragement.


I'm sure you know this, but make sure to talk to your Dr. before taking any herbal supplements or remedies. They can absolutely interact negatively with current medications, or each other.

I do not know what your going through and I can only try to imagine. For me I cannot really give advice because I just don't really know what its like. The only thing I can do is be here for you, I hope you come across someone with a similar disability to share their experience with you. I wish you all the best. Some of the worlds most talented and accomplished people are bipolar. You are trying to overcome something difficult and that in itself is amazing.
I can identify with some of what you're going through. Depression, anxiety and OCD's. Been on lots of meds, sleepless nights and crying jags. The one thing that keeps me going is that I know it's not permanent, I will go back up!
I understand about the nails, too. There's nail artists on here that do such awesome inspiring work. But, they all started at the bottom and worked their way to where they are now. Rather than looking at their work as a whole, break it down into elements. Great art will look horrible on a poorly done nail so doing a correct nail is the first element, the first step. It takes lots of practice but you can do it. Once you can make a structurally correct nail, THEN start adding the fun stuff!