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Full Version: Throwing in the towel with my Polish Pro :(
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You hafta show pics! Big Grin
wooshka :
> That's so good to hear SobeitSmile
> I decided to do a new design on my nails yesterday too. I used Greige as a
> base but I used Ebony on one finger on each hand as a feature nail. Then I
> used my dotting tool to do different sized dots down one side of each nail
> in the opposite colour.
> I went to a family get together for Father day and everybody was at me to look
> at my nails and 2 of my nieces booked in for exactly the same nail art.
> You gotta love free advertising like this!!!!
> For a different french, try Ebony as your base colour then use an accessory
> colour to do your french and use clean brush to swipe smile in nicely, this
> looks really good too I reckonSmile
> I'm loving PP again!!!

Love the idea with the Accessories. I'd like to use this for our web site. I'd credit you, of course. Is that OK?
Hi JessieSmile Sorry it has taken me so long to get back here.

Sure go for it!!!! Anything to help promote PP and NSI.

If you wish to email me to talk about it, you are more than welcome to.


[email protected]
I have some older bottles of PP too that didn't stay on well either. I'll be calling customer service tomorrow for sure. Thanks so much!
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