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Full Version: Keratin Treatments
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I am wanting to try a keratin treatment on myself before investing in a system. Any suggestions would be great!
We use Simply Smooth at magnolia and people love it
Thanks Ill check it out. I went to my towns new Cosmoprof and they are selling CA Smooth and i read the treatment instructions online and think thats too much for my hair. I want something that i dont need to heat to 450 degrees to make my hair smoother and see what will work for clients with hair like mine. Its over processed lol and dry and thick and frizzy right now. and my other cosmo friend caught her bangs on fire with the bar-b-q grill Confusedhock: so i am trying to trim hers without cutting to the scalp and doing braids and twist to camo the burned haired till it grows out. Any suggestions with that situation would be awesome.
I got a product at an italy hair show last year called Amazon Secret... It does amazing things to hair, but it's VERY pricey...
might help?
What is your general area?
Thanks!! Im in St. Joseph Missouri USA

Ill check them out but so far im looking into the Redken aragan oil and the Chemistry shots and ph fix. Have you heard anything about the Redken ???
A keratin treatment is especially prone to creasing in the first 72 hours, so you need to avoid using ponytail holders, hair clips or barrettes until the treatment has set. To style your hair in the first 72 hours, you only need to brush through the hair to maintain the right style and shape.
I've heard really good things about the Redken one. And I've used the Chi smoothing treatment with very good results.
I used one of thre redkin systems but it wasn't straightening, it was more like a rejuvinating. I'll have to look at the product name when I get home but I really like it as well. I think it was named something like Time Reset?
Coppola Keratin Complex is amazing! I use it in the salon and clients are in love. With any keratin type system the heat does have to be on the 400-450 range (less heat if you are bleached,over processed etc more like 400-425) The only way to allow the keratin to penetrate is with heat but your hair feels and looks amazing afterward so long as you don't use too high a heat for your hair type. Smile Good luck!
I didnt want to heat my hair so i am now using the Redken All Soft system and the aragan oil. Sally's has some Aragan oil on sale for like 70 cents right now too. So my hubby is using their brand to control his frizziness and he says it helps his itchy scalp
if your hair is very damaged abosolutely do not put a straightner product on it! rehydrate with the argan oil.. great stuff.. also the redken systems do work but it wont be overnight. my suggestion would be the kpak line from joico