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Full Version: Hi, Y'all
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Hi y'all Big Grin I just wanted to introduce myself. I am a licensed cosmetologist in in the gulf south. (But have only worked as a nail tech) I have been out of the biz for quite sometime and missed it every single day. :cry: I earned my license about 12 years ago and worked for about 2 years before I divorced and had to give it all up for a banking job that offered health insurance for myself and my son. Anyway, I stayed in banking all this time and stayed single. I let my license laps b/c I just did not have the money to renew it. Well, 3 years ago my wonderful (new husband) came into my life and I was able to go back to beauty school, do some refresher hours and then retake state board and get my license back! :!: Big Grin Anyway, I have quite my job at the bank and will be going next week to get electric file certified, something that was not mandated 12 years ago and then....back to work! But I'm so nervous it's been so long since I worked on anyone other than myself and the occasional friend or relative. Confusedhock:

I was thrilled to find this board today as I'm looking for any advice, tips, support, direction anyone has to offer as I take this step back into an industry I never wanted to leave.

In my area we seem to be flooded with 'discount nail salons' and I really am not interested in working in one of those but maybe that is the best place to get my skill up to speed :?: However my husband will be transferred at the end of the year and once we move I plan on working toward opening my own salon. Any tips? Back years ago I was in business with a partner but the salon was established before I bought in, so I have no clue how to start from scratch.

Anyway, like I said, I'm thrilled to have found you all and I'm thrilled to be going back (finally) to a career that I worked so hard to become a part of and was so sad to have left. Big Grin

(I posted this on the wrong forum the first time....guess I should read before I post huh? Big Grin )