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I will be taking my state board for nails and waxing next month then I plan on getting my shop ready for business. What are some ways to save money? What should I buy now? I have a pedi chair that I'm not to thrilled with and a manicure table. I'm so nervous. My mom has offered me a building for free where I can do my business it has to be remodeled for a sink and pedi chair. I worry that I will waste money a long the way to opening. Any advice on what to buy now/later, passing state board, supplies etc would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
appreciate the help thanks


Congrats on your coming up graduation. I would highly suggest that you go as someone else's model to their state board exam. I did and it really helped me know what to expect and how they did things. I wasn't nearly as nervous if I had gone in cold turkey.

My advice is to not go into debt!! Buy what you have money for and when just starting buy only the essentials. If you have a chair already, use it til you can pay for a better one. During that time you may be able to buy one used from another shop that has gone out of business. Also don't buy a lot of different products. Pick a couple that you know you like from what you have used in school. You don't have to have everything right NOW. You can also call some companies that you are interested in their product and see if they will send you samples. Some companies will and some won't.

One company that is great for sending out samples and has great products is Nailite, Inc. Call and ask to talk to Lisa. She is the best and they have very reasonable prices and after you buy so much/under a certain weight you get free shipping.
Thank you for your response it really means a lot. I know that I have to buy a lot of small things such as files, tips, etc. I know buying in bulk is always cheaper and I have heard great things about pns and nailite. Would you know where to buy some glass jars with lids for making my own hand soap? Is there any retail you would recommend? I have so many questions but I don't want to bother you. Again the thanks for your response.


Not sure where to buy jar cheap. I do know that Industry Source does sell empty containers. Might check them out.

Always retail lotions, scrubs, cuticle oil, etc. As far as things outside of our industry you may look into purses, jewelry, self tanners. If you are interested in a great quality jewelry line that requires very little investment, automatically get 50% off, not as expensive as other jewelry lines and offers trendy and classic styles let me know.

I hope some of my ideas will help you. Wishing you the best.
Thanks so much. I will call Lisa today


You may want to wait until Monday to order. They have specials every Monday. Just as a suggestion and let you know.
First I'd like to say CONGRATULATIONS!!

I am currently in school and can't wait to get where you are!

Second , I was surprised when I read the responses because EVERY tech I've spoken to tells me that I shouldn't open shop directly out of school, that I should get a year salon experience at first.

I'd like to get our opinion on if you feel like you are ready for the salon "weight on your shoulders" or if you already have experience and that is why.
I welcome anyone to chime in )


The reason I didn't comment about her going straight from school to opening a shop is because she didn't ask what we thought. In most cases it isn't adviseable, but everyone's situation is different. Most don't think it through as to what is needed to start a salon, how much you need in booth rent to pay for it, how much is needed in equipment, etc. And most straight out of school don't have a client base to sustain a new shop on their own w/o relying on booth renters. There is a lot to running a salon, it is a business and should be treated as such. Some don't think of it that way and get into financial trouble.

I don't know about your situation to comment either way. Maybe someone in your area can help you out.
Okay, I see. That is fair.


I know exactly what both of yall are saying and I do agree. I am opening my shop because there isn't another shop within 30-45 minutes which happens to be the only nail service that we have on the island where I live. My shop will be connected to my moms boutique (Fisherman's Daughter look it up on facebook if you have time). I live on OBX which is a tourist destination the boutique does really well with the tourists her thought is if I open my shop there it will bring her more local business and I will be able to set my own hours which is important since I have a 3 and almost 2 year old. I plan on making flyers and business cards for the local businesses for the tourists to pick up. I will let everyone know about my business as soon as its ready to open. I want everyone to know I'm there and open. It's very small here so the word will pass quickly. I will not open until I have enough practice to actually charge someone and they absolutely love their nails. I am open to all comments as long as they do NOT come off rude. I have read a lot of really rude comments on this board that are targeted to one person which I think is completely unacceptable. Some people on here get crucified for trying to help one another. I'm not saying the two people that commented would do that to me. Im just talking in general to anyone reads this. I look forward to yur thoughts. thanks


Sounds like a great opportunity Kristen. Lots of advantages to being in a small community.

I'm glad you didn't see my comments as being rude, because they weren't meant to be, or that we were talking about you, in front of!!

Keep us informed as to how things go!!
I loved that you were willing to to take time to help me out. Thank you so much. I forgot to say that everything I have was paid with cash or check so I'm doing well for not going into debt. I'm going to use small wooden crates that I can nail into the wall for a display and retail. I will put up a picture as soon as I'm done.


You are welcome and my pleasure. Sounds like you are on the right track. You can do cute stuff with crates and paint. Yep, send some pics!!