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Full Version: About me & why I've not been around much lately.
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Hi guys, for those of you that don't know me, I'm Carol Bland from Albany, GA.
I've been doing nails for about 9 years total. Out of 17 people that I went to school with, I am the ONLY one that is still doing nails! I used to post ALL the time, but since my 7 year old started school, nails have had to be in the back seat.
My son is "borderline" autistic--meaning he never has enough of the traits at one time to qualify him for a full dianosis.
On why his starting school has pulled me away from the board...After 2 years of trying to get the school system to teach him, we've started "legal proceedings" this summer. It's gotten nasty for us, thus my not posting much at all.
I do read posts about once a week though...something to take my mind off the school situation. And due to some other situations involving child care over the summer for him, I'm only working 2 days a week right now.
To top that off...a local tech friend of mine has had to take the summer off (surgery) so I'm trying to squeeze MY clients AND some of hers in on 2 days! Those make for some L*O*N*G days! AND I'm having to "make arrangements" for the kids to go to some clients homes at least once a week.
I love the new format for the board, the layout is much better than, say Microsoft's layout (theirs has too much going on for their layout!)
Ok, that's enough... the kids want to go do something away from the house now....
You guys take care and BEHAVE! LOL