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Full Version: Hand painted line art !
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My take on line art, it's very easy to do. Just drag the paint on a brush and add dots!

[Image: 2mheas2.jpg]


Love the combination of colors. TY for sharing.
Thank you, my color combination generally come from things I've seen. A favorite swim suit, colors on a poster, etc...............!
You make it sound so easy. I love your work!
Smile Beautiful work!
What is a good brush to use for this? What type of paint is good for nail art like this?

I enjoy using heavy viscosity acrylic paints, you can get strong color with less strokes of the brush. My favorite art brushes have Kolinsky fibers, sometimes you may have to make modifications with your art brush. Just cut tiny amounts of fiber away until it just to your liking ......
I hope this helps !
Okay this may be a weird question. Is there a certain brand that may have a thicker viscosity? Also, in the Kolinsky type of brush, what would be the type? Flat, detail, etc? I am trying to get into nail art and I find doing even simple designs a challenge. :?
There is no certain brand, you just have to find what works for you.
Start with a couple of acrylic colors, if they do not work well then you've saved your money. As far as brushes it depends on what your creating. Flat brushes are generally for florals and swirls. Details brushes are as it states and striper brushes are for pulling straight lines.
But anything you do your going to have to take your time and practice, practice, practice. Generally on a non-breathing person, too much feed back when your trying to be creative !
Polycolor is considered the best acrylic paint by the Russian and Ukrainian nail artists. It's made in Italy.

In the USA: