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Full Version: New but Old.....
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Hello All , I am new here , I went to Empire Beauty school back in the later 90's here in Pennsylvainia...I have checked and my hours are still valid. BUT my problem is this. ....I took the hours for cosmetology , failed my practical exam ( back in the late 90 's ) And like an idiot gave up . now i am in my mid thirties and want a career change ( from selling insurance ) and want to go into Nails... I am pretty certain that I can use my hours toward the Nail tech state boards .. BUT i need to be very refreshed . I dont really want to go back to months of school ( even though I may have no choice) Especially scince I paid for it all already , and was just TOO Srubborn to try again.... I guess I am looking for suggestions, guidance, ,ect .. I would really love to find a 1 week ( or several day class.. doesnt have to be any tyoe of certified class, just so i could be refreshed on state boards ect .... Any help without critisizing would be awesome.