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Full Version: Introducing Jadey 0:-) of Oz
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Hey all!

Well as my name suggests I am Jadey and I am from Australia. Due to Family and OH all living in different states I live in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Sydney is Mid East Coast and Melbourne Is South East (and cold)
I am spending the majority of my time in Melburne at the moment with my family taking advantage of the opportunity to learn from my mentors.

I'm 24 yearsl old and have been in nails for over a year. I have recently learnt to wax and am considering doing my Beauty Therapists Diploma (I love learning) I am an Ez Flow Master and want to do my Creative Masters but everytime I book it gets cancelled by the educator so I am looking for a new one.

One day I will make it over to the USA I hope to meet you all at Orlando or Vegas or BOTH!

I'm angel obsessed and my business name is J's Angelic Nails which kinda explains my angel after my name whic h I made a legal part of my signature :lol:

Jadey 0:-)