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Full Version: It's all going to go to waste....
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I will hate to do it.. have threatened over the past 12 years.. extended deadlines.. and yet this year, the entries have been so slow to come in that $10,000+ of prizes will not be handed out if I have to cancel the Annual Strut Your Stuff Online Comp..

Goodness knows there are enough talented people out there reading this.. If I had 1/4 of your talent I would be entering myself (alas but I am so rusty now!)

Lets go people.. you've still got 2 weeks.. Deadline was already extended once to Wed Nov 30th.. that gives you (IMHO) plenty of time to whip something up...

Take your cameras to work and start shooting every client .. haha with the cameras Smile

Lets go everyone.. don't make me cancel the comp this year...
Is there somewhere that I can see previous winners? I'd like to see what I'm up against =P
just scroll down a bit to find the past comp logos
Deb, I sure hate to hear that this may happen. Sad

For everyone else out there, grab a model and grab your camera and just DO IT!!! You never know what can happen. I chickened out of entering for the first two years after hearing about this competition because I was only doing nails very part time and didn't think I was even close to be "good enough" to enter. So I talked myself out of it. But last year, I finally quit my day job (or "real" job as my husband called it) to do nails full time. By some miracle, I ended up at the Northwest Networking Retreat last October and came home with two weeks left to throw something together to send in for this competition. I had been a full time nailtech for less than two months and surprised myself by actually placing in the novice category. Moral of the story, is that you never know what will happen and you might surprise yourself by doing better than you had hoped. Just do it! Look at the past photos for ideas, look at the prize list too. Someone has to win!! And really you have nothing to lose. You can take your time doing your best set of nails, photograph those beautiful works of art and send an email to Deb. Then just wait and see!

Two weeks people! DO IT!! Smile and good luck! :lol:
If I can scrape up a model, I'll be sending in an entry Smile
ok im going to try to get my hands on a hand model.
ok... I did it... now i have to determine which shots to send in... I'm terrified at the moment, btw... lol
hahah stop it.. the enrty is very nice Smile
ok im working on it...this is out of my comfort zone! thats probably a good reason to do it...shake thi gs up a little... : ) Iv got two possibilities for hand models
Would love to enter, however just had surgery and still recovering. i do not have the energy to do it this year, shooting for next year!!...good luck to everyone who enters!!
I don't have a model anymore Sad