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Full Version: Beauty and Spa therapist from St. Vincent & the Grenadin
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Hey everyone,

My name's Sidonia and I just found this website. It's quite interesting!!

I am a beauty and spa therapist....meaning I do the works- body massage, scrub, wrap, facials and NOW I am doing several courses-aromatherapy massage, nail acrylic, foot reflexology, traditional thai massage and mani/pedis. WOW what a mouthful. Sorry :oops:

Hope thats not considered blowing my own trumpet.

Anyway to cut a long blog short, I love anything to do with the spa....I have always loved acrylic and now have the opportunity to do them my self YAY. Unfortunatley can't wear them myself because I'm a massage therapist. :cry: hehe...

Anywhos, hope to get to know some good people here and that we all learn from each other.

Ps. My country as in the subject is in the Caribbean...I know it's not well known! But now I'm presently in Thailand-the land of smiles.