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Full Version: Way off topic- but need advice from Texas
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My husband is being transferred to the San Antonio area. I don’t want to live right there in San Antonio. We are looking at Kirby, Pleasanton, Poteet, or Floresville. Does anyone live in these towns?? Or can anyone tell me about these areas, or any areas around San Antonio. I would so appreciate your help. I have never had to move this far and I don’t even know where to begin.
Thanks for your help,
My dad lives in Schertz/Universal city. I don't know much about the others though. I can give him a call tonight and see what I can find out for you. What all would you like to know?
That would be awesome!!! My first question would b if it is a good place to raise children. I have a 16, 13, and a 9 year old. And the cost of living. I am not sure what else, I have never had to move like this.
If you would like to email me privatly my email is [email protected]
Thanks for your help!!
Are you looking to buy a house? We just moved to the Houston area. and were my favorite sites. Also check to look into schools in the areas you're considering. We found the cost of living better here than where we were in WA state. Good luck on your move!
when looking for property to buy for our retirement home, I stumbled into and found some great tools.. I used it to compare neighboring communities and then compare some from there to here.. start here:
I live in San Antonio. I grew up in the small town of Somerset which is close to Poteet. Are you looking for small town feel, but close to SA? Is your husband in the military? I am sitting in a airport waiting to fly to Australia. If I don't get right back to you it is because I do not have wi-fi or phone service. I will be back in the states after Thanksgiving. Think about some questions you have and I will do my best to help. I have lived in and around SA all my life. Big Grin
I had a grandmother that lived there, loved the Poteet Strawberry much fun for a small town!
I am back from Australia. Do you still have questions? Big Grin