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Full Version: For those that wanted to know how to do my Christmas tree
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This is the paint I used
[Image: Christmastree010.jpg]

Step 1
[Image: Christmastree011.jpg]

Step 2
[Image: Christmastree012.jpg]

Paint for the trunk
[Image: Christmastree013.jpg]

Step 3
[Image: Christmastree014.jpg]

Step 4
[Image: Christmastree015.jpg]

Finished Christmas tree bulbs and garland
[Image: Christmastree019.jpg]
Cat, you're a sweetheart! Thanks for doing that (for me)! Smile
That's nice!!Thanx for sharing!
Thank you for sharing that with those of us who are seriously Christmas tree challenged! :wink:
Cute cute cute!!! Thanks for sharing! Smile

Now, is that a light behind your hand (where you are holding the brown paint)????? I need a lamp for my table with a small base like that! Where did you get that one? (if its a lamp) Smile Smile Smile Smile
You made it look so easy! I'd have been trying to make a zig zag and messing it up totally. Thanks!
No prob thanks for the comments and yes it is a lamp and I got it from wal-mart for like $11.00
that is so cute. good tutorial too
Oh, I have that lamp as well. I love it!