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Full Version: Aloha fellow beauty techers!!!! My name is Dana......
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Hi My name is Dana. I am a licensed aesthetician in the state of Hawaii. I worked at the resorts for 10 years and had my own skincare spa as well. Facials and Makeup were my passions and I love keeping up on them. Unfortunately, we were forced to close down ( our building was sold that we were leasing no buildings avail in that area)

I have since found an awesome business that I can run from home with my children being present who I home school. It is in personal development which is a major (new- for me) and wonderfully inspirational and life changing experience. I get to help people like myself personally and financially which is really rewarding. It is fun and very rewarding and very lucrative beyond my wildest dreams.

I really love the beauty industry. It has been such a natural thing for me since I was a little girl. My husband and I would like to open up a spa, restaurant, and gallery. My husband is a fitness trainer, healer and he designs and makes high end jewelry and art.

We are very thankful for everything we have and love meeting new and positive people!
So Hi everyone!!!!Smile and To Your Success! in whatever you do and Love!