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Full Version: New Year Greetings From Long Island NY!!
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A friend of mine recommended this site to me and I've been checking out all of the links for over a month now. I hope everyone had a great holiday and is planning for some New Year fun.

As an artist since youth, makeup was a natural thing for me & I always try to get to the IBS(International Beauty Show) with my friends every couple of years.

I'm a custom cosmetics consultant & trainer for a collection that is popular among celebrities since our product is high end & private label and is making the rounds in some magazines now.

In January of 2009 I'm teaching a makeup basics class utilizing our branded tools & cosmetics which is open to non-members of our organization, members would get a certification for our brand. I'd like to post it on the calendar here if that's okay, but I guess Debbie will have to let me know how that works.

Have a glamorous 2009!!

Big Grin