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Full Version: How do you protect YOUR manicure?
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Obviously assuming your not using a gel do you protect your regular polish?


Hands down plastic back remover pads.
lmao! I have those, and im terribe, I STILL mess them up!


Hands Down pads. The best! Stella, are you using the little plastic piece to hold on to? That is the key to not ruining your polish. HTH
Nitrile gloves. And if the Hands Down wipes don't work for you, try holding your acetone-soaked cotton ball with a clothes pin. Smile
oooh I like the clothespin idea! I was seriously considering gloves, Ive tried handsdown and I think im just too clumsy or dont have the patience to hold them properly the whole time..i wanna get in and get it done, so I end up just messing up my own mani!


Yea, good idea Bella. Thank you for sharing!!
HA. What manicure? If my nails don't have acrylic or gel on them, they have nothing (except cuticle oil). Big Grin And me with my polish collection that could choke a horse. Big Grin Big Grin
UGH i know right? I just got some new winter essies, and im trying them all every few days that I ruin my manicure, LOL..heres what I think it IMPOSSIBLE...soaking off gel and NOT ruining my polish...nothing is going to fix that