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Full Version: Building your gel nail tip plz
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Looking for some suggestions to better build my what seems to be flat gel nails. I use lcn and was taught a one layer method with my sculpting gel, but see that many other brands us two.

Tips please Smile
go look up the angel love nails website, see how they do a gravity nail.. that method will span across any gel line.

if you dont have a builder gel that way will help you immensly,

if your gel floats well then you can also start out with more gel on your it close to the cuticle but in the middle of the nail and lightly float your gel left right left right all the way down the nail..
you can also try adding more in the apex area and not giving it time to spread quite as much. Floating is really an easy way to create an apex.
you can use how ever many coats you need to. have you watched the vids on young nails site? those are good ones.. also amy becker has an inventive way, but applying the gel then flipping your had over and letting gravity pull the gel downward is a fast way too
Ive always built up the apex and looked at it from the side to see if its a nice curve or not.
I would imagine thats the easiest least for me.

That way you control how much product you are using, and can make a nice apex curve for the client!
Kathie actually hit the nail on the head with using more gel than you need. That is vitally important to gel application. With acrylic we pick up only what we need or it's a catastrophe! With gel, especially when building if we don't pick up almost twice what we need it's next to impossible.

If you are looking for how to overlay a gel, I have a tutorial on Youtube. It's for an encased gel nail, but it shows the technique. If you are looking to sculpt and build a pink and white gel, we have DVD's available online.

I hope this helps! Big Grin