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Full Version: **Sugar Styler?
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Does any of you have the sugar styler art pen?? I ordered it, and tried to play with it using my acrylic paint I have for the one-stroke designs but it wouldn't work...the paint I think is a little thicker for the sugar styler...I assume I will have to add a bit of water to the paint?? I haven't tried it yet been too busy..any helpful hint??
Hi Kristina: I got one of Sam's art pens, and I'm still fiddling with it to get it to work right. She says in her video to make the paint about the consistency of "cream" or "double cream" by adding water to it.

Here is a link to the video, and maybe this will help you:

Good luck!
I saw somewhere the sugar styler pen, (can't remember right now) than I saw other pens too, anyway looks very interesting and easy!.
I am wondering if it will be a good investment?, or just keep my cheap-old brushes lol.

Thanks for sharing ladies!:wink:

Now that's just neat! So many things I want to buy and try! ut my nail business is so slow compared to my hair clients. Sad I wish I could buy it all!
I have a sugar styler and its a nfity idea if you didnt have to thin out your paint everytime. I have yet to find something to hold the thinned paint until i use it again so ive only used it once. I have no idea what doublee cream is so i added water a drop or two at a time until the paint flowed from the pen. It does work tho.
I agree that I haven't stored my thinned down batch of paint, and therefore, it goes to waste. It seems like a lot of mess and waste if you don't reuse it -- and if you do several colors -- that's a project in itself!
Yes I agree with you Kristibell and Clodninenails...If I have to thin with water every time it seems like waste of product & time...maybe I won't use it much I think..
I just hate that i spent so much on it. American dollars are like 1.5 UK dollars. Sad i want to use it but i have just bought a tiny paint brush and use the acrylic paint so it didnt go to waste. I forgot how easy it was to use paint as compared to polish.
How thin does it have to be? Would air brush paint work, or is that too thin? JUst a thought.
i was at hobby lobby and noticed they carry the ink for fountain pens...wonder if it would be worth exploring for the sugar styler...any thoughts???
I think it has to be able to wash out of the glass grooves. Ink i think would make a mess. Air brush paint might work and its water washable