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Full Version: Retail items??
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I looking for ideas for retail items (other than spa/nail/body type products). What retail items are a hit for you and also where do you purchase them from. I would also consider 'party' type products that can be sold by catalouge (jewellery, teas, etc.) if it is not nessecary to have a party.

Thanks so much!
I retail Miche bags, jar candles from "A Cheerful Giver", Yoga Sandals, note cards, jewelry (I make it using nail bling). I am considering getting some art on the walls that's for sale, and I'm making scarves to sell(cheaper to buy those but fun to make!).

I'm looking for new ideas too, so I hope others will chime in!
Thank you for your ideas. I was actually thinking about some of your ideas. Would you mind emailing me? I want to ask you a question.
[email protected]