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I am currently an ESTY. student, who is working on makeup Artist certification, plus CSE. I'm working it all. in the Spring I Will be going to for AS in Massage Therapy. I'm hoping in with in a year i will have a my own business in the day spa business. I live out here in Harrisburg for about an year, the have strange rules, i use to live in San Diego for about 11 years and FL for 17 years. So, I'm used to the Sunny fun rules :lol:

This is something different for me, trying to get uses the the weird rules out here. But, I'm a strong person who except challenges with open arms.

As, i said I'm a new girl out here , married with kids. So, if any one wants to chat or hang and network with me with ideals or just to get to know each other, I'm here and a friendly person Tongue

I also have a website that a run on the side
Check out! Got any questions always because you never know!