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Full Version: Shellac peeling off
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I have been using Shellac for over a it. Today, new thing happened. Both myself and another regular client had our Shellac start lifting away from the end of the nail plate, where you could lift it up and see the nail, then lay it back down. It peeled off in solid "sheets". Anyone had this happen? Wondering if it's the base coat since it literally peeled right off. Oh, it had been on both of us for under two weeks. Me, less than a week and it started happening, my client a week and a half. TIA
I goofed :oops: on a friend of mine once and used the top coat as the base. And it all just peeled right off in one sheet in a few days. Also I have noticed if you don't clean the nail off good with alcohol it can lift like that. Or even forgetting to cap the end will case the lifting.


Also if you apply the base coat too thick, this could happen. If you are using the last little bit of base coat in the bottle, it will be a little thicker. When this happens just spread the base coat really thin on the nail using less. And you definitely have to clean the nail good and cap the edges.
It can also be moisture of some sort, make sure whatever you use to do cuticle work is not moisturizing and when you scrub the nails with ScrubFresh be sure to scrub the end of the nail as well!

Hope that helps Smile
are you over curing the base? i know this sounds like a stupid question, but if you are using at lamp that doesnt have a setting that goes as low as 10 seconds is what im referring to...