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Full Version: Quick Gel glitter fade tutorial (pics)
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I think over time a few people have asked me how i do my glitter tips. This is from a fill i did and it was a repair to one broken nail. We just did a clear fill on the rest cause she wanted to keep the color one more fill. I use all Light Elegance and then some random glitters including theirs. You can do this with any gel line.

This is is a really basic tutorial of a two color gel glitter fade.
First I Prep the nail if doing fill, or prep nail and apply clear tip.
Bonder, cure.
One thin coat of Light Elegance Extreme, cure.
I mix my glitter with LE One Step because it is the thinnest clear. I mix until I feel I will get good coverage but not be so chunky it wont go on smooth.

ONE, apply first color (pink) being careful to shape the smile line and bring it back towards the tip. This does not have to be perfect. i use the LE smile line brush, its tiny and angled so it is perfect to get in the corners. DO NOT CURE
[Image: ONE.jpg]

TWO, apply second color (crystal) to the tip and butt it up to the pink, again this does not have to be a perfect line between the two colors. DO NOT CURE
[Image: TWO.jpg]

THREE, with the tip of the brush, lightly drag the pink towards the tip and the crystal into the pink. DO NOT CURE
[Image: THREE.jpg]

FOUR, add any accent glitters, in this case LE "spears" on the tip and some little kind of round ones over the pink. This just gives more bling and sparkle
now Clean up smile line with brush lightly any stray glitter back to where it needs to be. Dont mind the few stray pieces I didnt get. I was in a hurry.
CURE (finally)
[Image: FOUR.jpg]

Last cap the whole nail with clear building proper arch etc...
Cure, cleanse sticky and finsh file being careful not to go too far into the gel and removing the glitter.
Apply Super Shiney (finisher gel), cure, cleanse, apply oil.

[Image: ginger.jpg]
Hope this all makes sense.
thanks for that Liz. I had a few questions on the glitter fade with gel and you answered them. thanks!
Thanks for taking the time to do that!! 8)
No problem. Gald it helped.
thank u so much for this. I can't tell u how much this helps. I am going to eventually get this all down, one way or another.

thank u again for taking the time,, this really is helpful. And your nails are gorgeous...

what color are the glitters that u used for this set?
Heck yeah those are bling blinging!! I wish I had that much "canvas" to work on when I practice on models! Awesome tutorial, I'll be adding this to my collection lol.
Excellent job, thanks for thinking of us poor souls. I loved it! Great work also. Give us more anytime. Big Grin
I've only used acrylics so it was really interesting to see your gel tutorial on glitter fades! You do really beautiful work and I think the finished product is just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!
Yea, that was a good tutorial Liz. nice of u.
Could this be done with a form also?
Which gel would you use first to form the tip? A builder or a base?
Rach..You can do any of this stuff on a form...if your going to mix your glitter in gel than you dont need a base...the only time I use a base is if i plan to reduce the product to replace it... Smile
Thanks hon! :wink:
I'm beginning to hate tips....
WOW!u got talent girl!
Mind if I ask you a ?
Hi I was wondering why you did freeze the base of the nail before you built out your free edge?
Great tut! Makes me wanna do gels immediately lol! Love the colors!
Thanks Liz for a great tutorial! I did a set of gels tonight with your help! I don't do the reverse method but they still turned out ok.

[img][Image: nails083.jpg]

Thanks again!
Bumping it up to say thanks!

starfish :
> Could this be done with a form also?
> Which gel would you use first to form the tip? A builder or a base?

The way that I like to do it is...

Use my base to make a thin extension (from cuticle to free edge).
Then use my pink as a reverse application and cure.
Then do whatever funky glitter fades, nail art, etc on the base free edge and cap with clear. I don't know what gels you are currently using, but with the Young Nails, you can actually pinch in a pretty good c-curve in the base because it's flexable.

I mostly use this method because it helps me to see what the heck I am doing LOL! (my forms are dark blue)! I take the form off after getting that thin base extention, so I have a see through canvas.
It also helps to have that thin layer for backfills if you don't want to re-tip the whole thing later.

I really love those colors by the way! I wish I had more gel clients!
Wow! sorry guys but I gotta keep bumping this up so Liz can get her thanks!

Ahh finally got it. Those look awesome!! I'm glad I could give you some ideas. Smile Keep those pics coming