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Full Version: **My Winter Nails!!
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Here my Winter Nails I did, acrylic sculpture...
And below are gel nails and my try with 3d gel, which didn't turn out exactly how I wanted...a bit hard to play with...
[img][Image: IMGP0085.jpg]
[/img][Image: IMGP0081.jpg]
[img][Image: IMGP0080.jpg]
[/img][Image: IMGP0078.jpg]
[img][Image: IMGP0087.jpg]
[/img][Image: IMGP0088-1.jpg]
Smile Beautiful...
Love your winter nails!, I think your gel nails are nice too, I know gel it's no easy to work with, but you did pretty good, inspire me to try those red roses :lol:
love it
Thank you!
loove the acrylic nails...very pretty and fun. (sorry im not into gels but nice work)


Love your designs. Wish my clients would wear some nail art, oh well.