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Full Version: Lifting Gels
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I have just begun using Axxium Gels by OPI and I keep having lifting problems. Can I get any advice? Sometimes I think I'm filing too much and making the gel too thin on the edges. PLEASE help.
I have been doing hair and nails for 15 years. I have tried all kinds of gel and hated the results. I had lifting, breakage, and yellowing. Then I gave Brisa gels from Creative nail design a try. I love them. They are everything a gel nail should be. Beautiful, strong and long lasting. My customers say they will never go back to acrylics. Big Grin
Hi There

I just started using the Axxium gel line. I also took the classe with Lynne Anderson (I believe is her last name). She was very informative. I do recommend taking an Axxium class to clarify any problems you may be having and proper application. I have not had any issues with the gel lifting. Also, make sure prep is intact just like with any gel line. And that your bulbs on your lamp are not old. Also, on OPI's website you can get their number. The tech support department is great. I have spoken with Elenor from Tech support before and she is great. I have not had success when calling Creative's number. I think you will like it once you know how to use it. I just purchased the UV lamp and love it. It is so cute and compact. Before I purchased this lamp I used my other UV lamp and it cured the product without any problems. Again, make sure the bulbs are not too old or they won't cure the gel properly and prep is important.
Hope that helps.

Marisol Big Grin