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Full Version: Netting Nails Tutorial (PICS)
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I've received numerous emails requesting more information on my previously posted netting nails. So, I've asked one of my clients to volunteer for a set of netting nails today to create this tutorial. She didn't know what she was in store for, but loved the end result. I will be doing these on me this weekend, stiletto style!

These are acrylics using all Young Nails products. I've completed a fill first (reverse method).

1. Apply your form:
[Image: KarensWork002-1.jpg]

2. Apply a thin layer of clear acrylic with red liquid art from the free edge to the desired length of the new nail:
[Image: KarensWork004-2.jpg]

3. Apply a thin layer of glitter acrylic with red liquid art just at the smile line:
[Image: KarensWork005.jpg]

4. Apply an inlay using "Celebrate" large holographic circles from YN:
[Image: KarensWork006-1.jpg]

5. Cap the entire tip using clear acrylic:
[Image: KarensWork007.jpg]

6. Dip the netting into your loose clear acrylic powder. When the clear acrylic just becomes matte (loses its shine, but not fully cured), impress the netting (Into You) over the entire tip:
[Image: KarensWork008.jpg]

7. Carefully remove the netting. Do this immediately after impressing so it won't dry in the wet acrylic.
[Image: KarensWork009.jpg]

8. Using a wet ball, brush black acrylic over the entire tip. You are just filling the color into the netting impression. You don't need to fill in the impression "indentation" to the surface:
[Image: KarensWork010.jpg]

9. File to shape, then finish the nail with YN Finish Gel:
[Image: KarensWork011.jpg]

10: Voila!
[Image: KarensWork012.jpg]
Wow...very cool Karen...thanks for the tut...nice job, love it!!! Smile Smile Smile
GREAT tutorial Karen. I love doing those nails. I haven't done any n ages, but now I want to again.
Beautiful. Very nice!
WOW!!!! That is awesome.... Great tutorial.... Big Grin
Karen, I'm adding this one to my growing book of tutorials!! This is awesome and those are some hot nails. You better be posting a picture of your stilettos version !! Big Grin Big Grin Love love em
Coolie doolie! Love 'em. You're incredible, Karen! I wanna come down and visit you! Smile
Great tutorial!! Love those nails! Big Grin
I do believe I need some netting, got to have another 'fix' for my nail habit! Confusedhock: Love the look and thanks for the tut.
Thanks for sharing! Those are so neat looking!
Great tutorial Karen! You make me want to do AC again! Too bad you can't get this look with gels :cry:

Thank you for the tut.. it was great.. I have those celebration discs but didnt know what to use them for hahahah now I do Thanks for sharing the tutorial
way way cool........ I got one more in my bag of trick for this weekend Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Thanks Karen.

Great Tutorial!!
Great Nails!!

I love these nails! I wish there was a way to do them with gels. If anyone thinks of a way let me know!
I like how you think Confusedhock: Tongue

Whats that green dot in the middle of the nail...looks funky!
yaay!!! karen thanks for the tutorial. love it it has opened my eyes to the proper way to do a reverse and embedding
That is one of my favorite nail arts. The netting is the bomb. You do wonderful work girl!!! thanks for showing us....
You do such a beautiful job, Greg should hire you as an educator for YN.

Piggyback of what others has said, wish that you could do that with gels. Sad

Thanks for the tutorial.

Thank you everyone! These are some of my most fav nails to do, and I just wanted to show just how easy they were.

kitanna05, I'll add the post of my stilettos to this thread for you this weekend.

Michele, thanks! Anytime! Big Grin

Pfct10nailzz, I use those celebrate inlays a lot! Try placing them off center, or even on the sides of nails . . . when you file, you'll remove half of them! This is a very cool trick!

Sweetangel, the green dot is the "celebrate" halogram I embedded. It actually casted a "green/gold" under the black netting when it was done!

Sophy, I was thinking of you when I did this . . . glad it helped! Please send me a (bigger) pic when you get a chance to try this out! See, I had a client that day that wasn't sure what she wanted, and let me do anything I wanted! Don't be afraid to ask for volunteers!

OK now everyone . . . I wanna see some pics of yours soon!
I remember seeing this netting technique in a fashion magazine when I first started doing nails 8 years ago!
It was different though. It said to paint one color on the nail first and let partially dry. Then apply a different colored dot or two down the center (fairly big) and then impress the netting into the wet polish. Allow to dry then topcoat.

Of course I tried it and couldn't get it to work. I also tried it with lace and that was a mess too! LOL