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Full Version: hello from snowy colorado!
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hello everyone,
my name is Amanda and I am 23 and a mother of 3 young children,2 boys-Tyson-4 years& Ethan-3months; and 1 girl, Ada-1 year,11months.

I am trying to go to cos school, but I don't really have the support that I would like. when I tell family that I want to enroll, they just roll their eyes :roll: and laugh it off :lol: (I had to drop out of college 4 years ago to take care of my son, Tyson). my husband is even apprehensive about it. not giving me the money to apply. I have actually started saving lose change in a jar to pay for it. how lame am I. but I am determined to get there.

I am just trying to network and absorb as much as I can by reading everything I possibly can about the industry.

I have already learned a lot from reading your boards and what you all have to say, I can get enough of it... I am a beautytech addict!