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Has anyone tried Trind...pros? cons? The salon I am at has this system and I wanted some feed back if anyone uses it.

Thanks so much


Sorry haven't heard of it. Curious what it is though?
Yeah me too I am curious, what it is?


Did a search for it on internet. It is a cosmetic/nail product line out of Europe. I'm not to sure it is available in the USA. You may want to go to the Salon Geek's nail tech message board. Most of them are in Europe and may give you some insight. HTH
Nope it's here in the USA, the salon I just got hired at has it and I just wanted some opinions. =D


Ohhhh, that is interesting. Is it a natural nail product line only or does it include artificial too? Couldn't pull up much on it on my phone. You may still want to ask the question on the Salon Geek message board since it originated in Europe, especially since you didn't get a response here. :wink:
A couple years ago, one of my clients was visiting in Raleigh, NC and went to a salon with her daughter and found this. She bought the line and then reorderd. She thought it was amazing. It did help her nails get stronger and grow.
I used to work at a salon that used it.

The actual colored Trind was a pain to work with. They would go on splotchy, and the bottles would get thick very fast. Clients with very thin nails (damaged from overfilling, transitioning to natural nails) may feel a sensation ranging from tingling to slight burning when its applied. We only carried two of the colors (sheer pink and pearly white) and one of the treatments (the clear nail strengthener) so I cannot speak for the rest of the line. They also say in big bold letters on the back of the bottle "this product contains formaldehyde", which was a turn off for some clients.