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Full Version: 3 D SANTA TUTORIAL
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I actually did this tutorial last year. It is better than my "this year's santa" because I was trying to do it by memory! I did change a couple of things. Like in his eyes, I added a pc. of rockstar glitter in ea. eye. But anyway, if u go on my myspace, I posted a new album named "santa tutorial 07" and it will give u a step by step on how to do him. It was 23 pics, so I knew there would be some pi**ed off people on here if I posted that many pics. So please, for everyone who has asked me, go there for the tutorial. Big Grin But, u gotta promise to post ur pics when u do one!
He is awesome G!!!!! Thanks for sharing that! and I think putting it in this thread would fine.....really, do it!!!!! Smile

Tis the Season!

Darlene Big Grin
G- That is the cutest Santa.... Great tutorial!
Thanks. I'm hoping that everyone is going to see the tutorial because I got a flood of emails requesting it. I changed it up a lil this year by adding a pc. of rockstar to ea. eye. Gives it such a "twinkle".
where?? i don't see it!! help!!! do i need an account to see it?
I think all u have to do is click on my myspace link below my name. Not sure, maybe someone else can help
g, i see your 'myspace' main page (all in pink), just can't find the santa tut on it. ??
yola :
> g, i see your 'myspace' main page (all in pink), just can't find the santa
> tut on it. ??

once your on her pink page, click on her picture to the left ( one of her holding a trophy) and that will take you to her pics, just scroll down til you get to the Santa Tut and click on that pic and it will bring it up for you.
yippie!!! thanks so much!!!! i see it now!!
G that santa is soooo stinkin' cute! How awesome you are for sharing this with us!
I'm glad I could help people. I would just like to see everyone's santa after they do it, cuz I'm sure people will put their own "twists" on it.
I am being I was in a hurry, couldn't find anything to texture the beard and hat with so used my dotting tool. Didn't have the right pink for the nose and forgot to do the eyes...all in all he is ugly. I have NEVER tried 3-d so I have to say for my first try I don't think he is "that" bad. Just wanted you to know G that you inspired me to try 3-d for the first time. Hope everyone is having a good weekend,
[Image: 002-1.jpg]
Leslie, that is soooo cute! and you ARE brave! Big Grin Big Grin
So nice of u to try it and post it. I wouldnt worry about the nose color. I said that I did it from memory this year and totally forgot all about the pinkish nose, so I did it in the sissy salmon!