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Full Version: Melissa The Manicurist
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As an Afro-American manicurist, I have specialized in Natural Nail manicure and pedicure for over 5 years. I originally got my License in 1995. I have been seriously thinking about expanding my (nail) knowledge by making the leap into the world of artificial nails for the past two years.
I like most people have a very busy life I am a single parent of a 5 yr. old and I volunteer a lot of my time in different areas of my life.
I am currently working in a Boston salon that offers nail services on commission basis. I also try to find creative ways to inform consumers on the benefits of nail care (health fairs etc.) I have used the beauty tech boards as a resource for many years and I have benefited and appreciate what it has to offer me as a professional. I have been offline for a number of months and my how things have changed!