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Full Version: Newbie here!!
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Hi to everyone! I've looked at this site for a couple of years now and have never got the courage to join as I was only a beginner. I'm an old dog learning new tricks (I hope I don't look like a dog just yet! Smile. I have qualified with Young Nails at foundation level but since seeing Lee-Anne Smith demonstrating Entity Nail products this week, I am going to do some training with them shortly. I was lucky enough to get a free kit from subscribing to Scratch magazine over here in the UK, so will be practising until then. I really wanted to join you all as you are all so friendly and helpful to each other, and sound as you all like a good laugh as well. I hope it's okay to join although I'm in the UK. Thanks for being such a smashing bunch of people and I am looking forward to being part of it.