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Full Version: Jen's Introduction
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Hi! I've been reading a posting here for awhile so I figured I'd introduce myself here. I am Jen, I living in the Cincinnati Ohio area. I have been a licensed nail tech sine 1998. I have never worked! No, I am not just lazy, while I was in school I got pregnant and my hubby and I decided we wanted me to be a sahm (stay at home mom) until our kidlets were grade schoolers. I have a 6 year old and a 2 year old. But despite mommy hood, I LOVE doing nails when I have time. I would love to go out and get a pt job, but not sure anyone would want to hire someone who could only work limited hours right now. But I am keeping up my skills, learning new things...just getting into the wonderful world of gels, before that I was playing with my EZ flow glitters. I will do nails on my sisters and friends and mainly myself. LOVE having forever french toes and I'm still attempting to perfect a p/w rebalance on my right hand Wink

I just adore nails and the beauty industry, nothing like a good pampering!!!

Tks for this great source of support and knowledge Smile