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Full Version: Newbie from Victoria, BC
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I'm really new to all of this and would love to meet other nail techs in the Victoria area. I'm a trained dental assistant but have just started taking a nail tech course so I can make some extra $$$ to supplement my income. I've just started a gel nails course using the En Vogue system and I'm loving it. My first attempts at doing nails (not on real people yet) turned out really well. I've had my en Vogue nails for a few months now and I love them. My real nails were a mess from using the harsh chemical soaps at work and having my hands in gloves most of the day - I also work at the hospital a few times a month and their soaps and cleansers are even harsher on the hands and nails. As a result, my nails kept breaking to the point where whenever I tried to grow them a little, they'd break off. I was constantly filing them and getting frustrated with having ugly hands. Now, I have gel nails - they're filed fairly short and I haven't had a problem yet. I haven't punctured any gloves and my nails always look like I've just had a manicure. I'm hoping that as I get better with the nails that eventually I can stop working in a dental office. In the meantime, I'll continue with the office and do nails on the side. My plan is to have a mobile nail service as well as set up in a spare room at home. I've also been offered the use of an area in a salon after I've finished my course, to help build clientele. Here's hoping!