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HELLO to all of my nail tech friends!

today I will be heading to a salon today to checking working there as a booth renter... does anyone have any advice for me.

My booth rent will be 60 dollars a week and I will have a key so that i can schedule my own appointments and come in whenever i need to.

I really hope this goes well... this will be a great start for the new year.

keep me posted
A mani student recently asked me the same thing. Below are the questions I came up with to ask the salon owner and herself during an interview/salon visit. I'm sure others may have more suggestions, but here's my two cents. HTH! Big Grin

Questions to Ask a Salon Owner During an Interview:
Regarding Money
1. Booth rent or commission?
2. If booth rent, what is the rate and when is it due?
3. If commission, what is the commission split and who buys the supplies?
4. If commission, is it an employee relationship or independent contractor relationship?
5. If it is an employee relationship, what benefits are included?
6. If commission and they buy the supplies, what supplies do they buy and what brands?
7. If you are an independent contractor (booth rent or commissioned) what does the contract look like? How long is it for? Is it a week to week contract or longer (months to a year)? What is the required notice time should you decide to move to another salon?
8. Will the owner give you a reduced rate on your booth rent for a short period (a couple weeks to a couple months) to help you get started? Or, commission at first then switch to booth rent later?
9. Is part time space available and what is the rent? Is it a certain amount of hours or days? Are there other nail techs that would share the space? How are your supplies separated?
10. Can you add on to the salon’s insurance or do you need to provide your own?
11. If you can add on to the salon’s insurance, what is the yearly cost, when is it due and can you pay in payments?
12. If you can’t add on to the salon’s insurance, who do they go through and what is the average cost for an individual?
13. Are you able to retail items on your own? If not, does the salon retail nail items (minimum of cuticle oil, lotion & foot files) that you receive commission on? If so, what is the commission rate?

1. What hours and days are they open?
2. Are after hours appointments allowed? If so, is there an extra charge for working them?
3. What are the receptionist’s hours?
4. Will the receptionist book appointments and call late appointments for you? Extra cost?
5. At what point do you receive a key? Is there a key deposit?
6. What is the owner’s policy on hours worked? Whether a booth renter, commissioned or employee are they expecting you at the salon for a specific set of hours?

General Business
7. How long has the salon been open and how is business? Is it slow or growing?
8. What type of clients do they generally attract? Professional business women, flashy young girls, men, or a combination?
9. How many manicurists do they have currently and how many of them are still building clientele?
10. What hours/days do the other manicurists work?
11. Are they in need of another manicurist? Are they turning clients away or are they over saturated with manicurists?
12. What type of nail services are usually requested? Manicures, pedicures, acrylics, gels, conservative styles, dramatic styles, lots of nail art or 3D work?
13. How many walk-in’s (nail specific) per day/week do they get on average?
14. How do they assign walk in clients to available manicurists?
15. What are the rates for services that the other nail techs are charging? (You don’t want to have rates that are drastically different than the other techs)
16. Does the salon owner hold salon meetings?
17. What is the owner’s policy on continuing education? Do they try to recruit continuing education classes to come to their salon for training?

18. Does the salon advertise; and if so, how? Radio, T.V., fliers, charities, fundraisers, local events, direct mailers, etc?
19. Are you allowed to advertise within the salon? Can you put up a sign, fliers or business cards at the front desk, bathrooms or even on your station?

1. Is the manicurist desk provided?
2. Is there a pedicure chair or chairs? If not, is there space at your station to provide a pedicure in a tub? Is that tub provided or do you need to provide your own?
3. If there is a pedicure chair(s), who does the nightly/weekly cleaning? Manicurists or receptionists?
4. Is towel service provided? Extra cost?
5. If provided, who washes the towels? Receptionist, manicurists, outside service?
6. Is there a towel warmer or paraffin tub available for use? If not, is there space to store one if you were to provide your own?

Questions to Ask Yourself During an Interview:
1. What is the general vibe of the salon? Is it casual and laid back? Is it professional and up-scale? Is it loud and have a party like atmosphere? Is it a spa setting? Is it child friendly?
2. Is the waiting area appropriate? Comfortable, clean, attractive and inviting?
3. Is the receptionist visible and attending to clients as they come in or is she absent and people are waiting to be helped?
4. What type of clients do you see? Are they professional business people, young girls, children, men or a combination?
5. How is the receptionist answering the phone? Are they helpful and pleasant or irritated and rude?
6. How are you greeted by the other manicurists and stylists?
7. What does the manicurist station look like?
• Is it ergonomically correct?
• Is it clean, up to date and attractive?
• How much storage space is there?
• Is there a light, an arm rest or cushion and a polish rack?
• Is there additional storage space at the station such as a shelf, drawer stand or cabinet?
• Are the chairs (yours and the client’s) appropriate and comfortable?
• How much space is around the station? Can you and your client get in and out of your chairs comfortably without feeling like your cramped?
• Is there enough space to provide toe polish changes and rock star toes?
8. What additional storage space is provided?
9. What does the break room look like?
• Is it away from client areas and have enough space for breaks?
• Does it have a microwave, refrigerator and table?
• Does the break room double as everyone’s storage space and mixing area for hairstylists?
• Will people be mixing color at the same table you’re eating at?
10. What do the bathrooms look like? Are they clean and stocked?
11. What does the pedicure chair(s) look like?
• Is it ergonomically correct?
• Is it lifted off the ground so you are not hunched over when providing services?
• Is it piped, pipe-less or a simple basin?
• Is it away from other service areas so as to provide a relaxing spa like service?
• Is it clean?
• Is it in good condition? No cracks in the tub, no tears in the chair.
• Is there a foot cushion for the client either on the tub or on your pedicure stool?
• Is the pedicure stool appropriate? Low enough, comfortable, have storage space if needed?
• Does the salon keep a separate pedicure book to manage pedicure chair time slots?
• Does the salon keep a pedicure chair sanitation log as required by state board?


Wow, Victoria, that is great information/questions. I'm thinking this should be a sticky if it isn't already. Thanks for sharing!!
There is a section somewhere on here for just this type of info--I'll look around and post the link.

Not quite what I thought it was, but it might have something that will help.
I agree, this list should be kept for future reference. Very informative!
I'm glad you guys like it. Big Grin

I was a little concerned that it would come accross as too much.
Moving this to the Sticky Post section Smile
Great list! Thanks for making this a stickey Deb. Now, where can a booth rental contract be found? Cause the answers to these questions need to be put in writing. :wink:
thank you all. I started out with 1 salon interview with a booth rent of 60 a week but now my hairstylist is also opening her own salon and wants me there at 75 dollars per week and i would have my own room along with another nail tech. The 1st stylist would have to make a space for me in the room with the hair dryers. Ive been weighing my options and i believe that working with my hairstylist would benefit me better bc I along with another tech would have our own space for nails and i like the way she does business and how she is marketing herself. I will take all of these questions with me when i go to see her new salon this weekend.

thank you all for your help!
Good Luck Kicia and let us know your progress!