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Full Version: New Nail Tech New Mom
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Well, I've been graduated from school almost two years now, and have been doing nails in a salon for about a year and a half. I've learned a lot from my boss who I consider my mentor, but there are some new things around that she's not quite use to. Such as... gels. That's my main focus right now. I have the manicure/pedicure thing down pat. I don't have ANY desire to do acrylics because of the weakness of them and the hassle. There are so many nail techs in my area that do acrylics, I do not feel it's worth it. BUT.... Gels are almost non-existent where I live. So I am very interested in doing gels in order to boost my business. I've ordered the new OPI Axxium gel kit from one of my distributors but have yet to receive it. Since I have no one in my area to talk to about this (besides taking pricey classes) I will be on here a lot. Smile

Ok.. Now for the ME part. I am a mother of one beautiful little girl who is currently 7 months old. She is the light of my life and my reason for bettering myself. I was originally born in Baton Rouge, LA but grew up in Chattanooga TN. Now I reside in Jackson, MS where I live and work. I am not married but am involved with a great guy (most of the time haha) and I plan on being with him a while... as long as he behaves.

I guess that's it!! Bye Bye