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Full Version: HELLPPPP :(
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I am a Nail Technician in Canada, working out of my home. I cannot do work on both of my hands, so i currently go to other nail bars to get mine done.

Last friday i went and got an acrylic fill with gel overlay. Last night while i was packing to move i caught one on a doorframe and it ripped my!!! With the exception of the part of the natural nail that is below the cuticle... so i currently have a bandaid on it and have to wait for it to fall off on its own. Very painful! K enough of the gross part.

What i am wondering is

1) Is this common with regular LEGAL products? I have been getting my nails done for 8 years and have had broken nails and cracked nails but never this severe. I have also never heard of it happening to anyone else either.

2) Do nail bars and spas need to provide an MSDS for their products if requested?

The reason why i ask is because this sounds like something that could happen with a product containing MMA, which is illegal in Canada but many shops still use it today. I want to make sure that this doesnt happen to any of their other clients..



Oh gawd that hurts me just reading it. Shoot I don't know if the consumer can ask for MSDS or not, but they could have one for one product and still be using another. ( pouring it in a name brand bottle )
I would say it could happen wearing any enhancement especially if it's on the thicker side. (still hurts ouch) did the monomer smell stronger or different? Was or is it harder to file into shape? I feel bad for you and your finger nail.
That is what I remember about one of the dangers of MMA. EMA will just break from trauma but MMA is so strong your whole nail can be ripped off with less force than it would take to break it. I feel like there's probably little that can be done as far as holding them accountable. Unless you were to file a lawsuit.


Thanks guys Smile
I know at least two people who have had this happen using perfectly legal gel products. I guess if it's thick enough and you hit your hand hard enough it you can lose your nail no matter what product.

I feel for you, that hurts like a sucker Sad Once it settles down a bit you might want to carefully cut the nail down and if you have an efile maybe possibly file the product thinner too. Hand filing would probably be too painful.
Yes, it can happen using legal products. I've got a client right now whose nail is just now growing back out to normal length after lifting almost completely off the bed, and it was a complete gel nail. She did this two days after her full set was applied.


Sounds like you caught it just right for it to rip off. Even with legal product this can happen, as suggested before if the nail is pretty thick and strong it could happen.

Anyone doing nails, not just salons/spas should have MSDS sheets on hand in case of an emergency, but also to know what is in the product they use and they should be available for you to see if requested. I'm not sure they have to provide you with copies, but they should be available for you to look at.

Not sure if this works or not. I have heard if you crush an aspirin up and make it into a paste then put it on the nail bed it will take the pain out. Give it a try ....nothing worse then a THROBBING finger Sad